Gizella Greene



Los Angeles, California

Mentored by:

Marilyn D. Johnson


General Manager and Co-Founder, SuperFoods

After Gizella Greene earned an MBA (Adolfo Ibañez – Chile) and worked for 10 years, she decided to quit her job, become a mother and start her own enterprise. It wasn't easy for her to get pregnant, so she made lifestyle changes. Along the way, she researched health and holistic nutrition, eventually becoming a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), a nutrition and holistic health school. That led to the creation of SuperFoods Ecuador in 2015, and, to the arrival of a beautiful baby boy.

Gizella created an inclusive enterprise, run by a group of entrepreneurial and empowered women. It promotes wellness, integral nutrition and healthy lifestyles, by offering a space with a flexitarian restaurant, an organic store, and healthy cooking classes. As a pioneer in this industry in Ecuador, Gizella promotes gender equality, environmental awareness and generates a positive impact on society, working with more than 300 small businesses and entrepreneurs whose families depend on what they sell.  

Gizella has offered marketing and customer service courses at UDLA University and has conducted more than 80 workshops, healthy cooking classes and one-on-one coaching.

Mentored by:

Marilyn D. Johnson

United States of America

Trip: Los Angeles, California