Deborah Dugan

United States of America


South Africa 2015


Agnes Atim Apea, PhD


Chief Executive Officer, (RED)

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Deborah Dugan’s goal at (RED) is to move fast, break things and innovate. Traditionally, it has been the business sector that owned the market on product and service innovation. (RED) uses a disruptive approach in philanthropy — making it simple and accessible for everyone to play an active role in ending AIDS.

In 2011, Deborah Dugan joined (RED) as the chief executive officer. Since then, (RED) has solidified its identity as both a nonprofit and a brand — purposefully provocative and impact obsessed. To date, (RED) has raised more than $300 million for the Global Fund and impacted the lives of over 55 million people.

Prior to (RED), Deborah was president of Disney Publishing Worldwide. During her eight years at Disney, she oversaw 275 magazines and published more than 4,000 new book titles. In addition, she acquired Baby Einstein, and launched Disney English language learning programs throughout Asia.

Deborah was included in Forbes Magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Women” issue for ‘Social Entrepreneurism,’ and Elle’s December 2014 issue of “Top Women to Help Change the World.” She has been selected from New York Moves as a “Power Women” of 2014.


Agnes Atim Apea, PhD


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