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Co-Founder, Femmes en Democratie

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Ambassador Danielle Saint-Lôt is one of Haiti’s strongest advocates for women’s advancement. Currently, she is Ambassador at Large of the Republic of Haiti for Women’s Empowerment and a longtime member of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network. Previously, Ambassador Saint-Lôt served as the first female Minister of Commerce and Industry and has held several other key positions in Haiti’s government including Minister of Tourism. 

In 1998 she co-founded Femmes en Démocratie (FED), the Haiti Chapter of Vital Voices set up to provide training for micro-entrepreneurs, develop a network of electoral observers and convene the country’s most prestigious trade fairs for women artisans and small business owners. In 2004 she was recognized with a Vital Voices Global Leadership Award. 

In 2015 Ambassador Saint-Lôt created the Danielle Saint-Lôt Haiti Women’s Foundation.