Cecilia de la Paz



Los Angeles, California

Mentored by:

Geraldine Laybourne


Founder and General Director, E.dúcate Uruguay

Cecilia de la Paz founded E.dúcate Uruguay in 2009 when she was a television producer for UNICEF and met Nicolás, a talented rural kid who's future was constricted because of socio-economic vulnerability, geographical isolation and low quality education. After graduating as a primary school teacher in 1998 she started her quest to connect children with learning in a meaningful way in the United States and was living in Ecuador in 2001 when she turned her professional journey into a personal commitment to give access to valuable education to kids restricted by their socioeconomic and/or geographical reality. 

This commitment directed her work at different organizations in the United States, Ecuador, Uruguay and New Zealand. Through capacity building, technology and communication media to leverage change, Cecilia created different endeavours to platform ideas and projects to empower children and teachers in vulnerable conditions. 

Cecilia was a TEDx Montevideo speaker in 2013 and was awarded the National Prize for Citizenship Excellency in 2014. E.dúcate Uruguay was recognized as a National Label of Quality by the Uruguayan government in 2015.


Mentored by:

Geraldine Laybourne

United States of America

Trip: Los Angeles, California