Cathy Steen

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Senior Vice President, Business Development, Belvedere Vodka

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Cathy Steen is the senior vice president, Business Development for Belvedere Vodka, within the LVMH Wine and Spirits Division. She is responsible for the development and execution of the sales, trade marketing and financial plans for the USA region impacting the overall brand performance. Cathy also sits on the leadership committee that oversees global business development.

Previously, Cathy was part of the leadership team at Millennium Import Company, the company that launched Belvedere Vodka in the United States, creating the world’s first luxury vodka category. She spent 10 years developing the brand’s sales and marketing assets leading up to the acquisition by LVMH. At LVMH, Cathy was part of the team charged with consolidating three LVMH owned companies into one sales and marketing company, MHUSA, the company responsible for the group’s entire wine and spirits portfolio. There, she served as senior vice president, National On-Premise, for five years.

Cathy began her career at the Gallo Winery in Denver, Colorado, in the 1980s. She is passionate about developing people and mentoring men and women in business, and she works with several charitable organizations dedicated to preparing underprivileged women for interviews and workplace business etiquette.


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