Bárbara Cendejas



Los Angeles, California

Mentored by:

Kerri Schroeder


CEO and Founder of Macademy DPS

Bárbara Cendejas the CEO and founder of Macademy DPS (Digital Promotional Services). Born in Mexico, she has always had a drive to create, innovate and lead. In her family, challenges have always been welcome, and she has sought best practices to overcome obstacles and achieve success. 

Bárbara inspires her Macademy DPS team to help small and medium size enterprises improve their digital ecosystems to increase their exposure, acquire new clients, or gain better visibility. Over the years, Barbara has supported women entrepreneurs and their startupcompanies with knowledge to better implement their strategies.

Bárbara is also the co-founder of Productive y Realizable, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women who are socially and economically challenged. In recent years, she has received awards from WEConnect International and the American Chamber of Commerce Foundation.


Mentored by:

Kerri Schroeder

United States of America

Trip: Los Angeles, California