HAITI 2012



Port-au-Prince, Haiti, was the inaugural mentoring forum of the Global Ambassadors Program in February 2012. Traveling with Vital Voices was an extraordinary group of accomplished leaders paired for mentoriships with five Haitian women leaders. The Haiti trip coincided with a working session of 100 Haitian women activists, policymakers, healthcare workers and educators, convened to finalize the first ever National Women’s Platform for Haiti. The Global Ambassadors shared expertise on communications, outreach and advocacy — critical skills for enlisting the support of the community for a Platform that calls for greater representation of women in Haiti’s reconstruction and development efforts. The Platform was formally delivered to President Michel Martelly, and in the months following the program, a $10 million investment in women’s empowerment programs was announced, seven women were appointed to the Cabinet, and mentee Danielle Saint-Lôt was named Ambassador-at-Large for Women’s Issues.

Photography: David Hume Kennerly