Smita Mankad

Mentored by: M. Susan Chambers

United States of America
"My mantra is to always treats people with dignity and respect. I lead teams by empowering them in the truest sense of the word."

Smita Mankad is managing director of AMFPL, a subsidiary of Fabindia, a retail chain in the handcraft sector.

AMFPL’s aim is to create 100,000 sustainable rural jobs across the country in the next five years through the Community Owned Companies (COC) to develop, support and market rural crafts through Fabindia’s retail network in India and abroad. The aim is not only to assure the supply chain but also to revive crafts, create jobs, keep jobs in rural areas and bring sustainable prosperity to artisan communities. 


2014 Update:

Smita has on numerous occasions supplied scarves in a variety of colors and styles for Bank of America corporate events.